Libera Awards

Acted as Creative Director and Designer for the 2019 Libera Awards – the largest independent music award show in the world held in NYC. I wanted to focus on art deco styling of the logo, bringing in geometric designs and colors true to the period. In the spirit of full immersion, I designed invitations to be sent out to VIP attendees, simple table layouts with low centerpieces to encourage interaction, and 360 video projections of gold particles coming together to form the “L” logo on stage. For the after party, I used the art deco geometric styling with neon to bring the attendees into the modern era. 

libera invitation and envelope

 Physical invitation sent to VIPs for the 2019 Libera Awards.

On-site badge designs.

Performer announcement commercial.

Website designs for award show and after party branding.

Seating chart displayed at the event.

Environment, menu, table, and layout design.