Make Racists Afraid Again & We Show Up

I collaborated with Hip Hop artist & activist B.Dolan the creation of merchandise like the #MRAA hat that ‘broke the internet’ and the special edition pizza box set for his live album ‘We Show Up’

Hat and included postcard asking buyers to post photos of themselves in the hat on social media on August 4th with the hashtag #MakeRacistsAfraidAgain.

Numerous high profile celebrities and hundreds of fans participated. Not only did the hashtag and hat go viral, but it was sold out for weeks following the event. 

#MRAA Hat details (click to see 360 view)

#MRAA hat was featured on numerous national press outlets and in books focused on modern protest and revolutionary symbols. 

The hat can be seen here on the cover of Bonnie Siegler’s book ‘Signs of Resistance’.

I acted as the creative lead on the We Show Up special edition pizza box set design.

Box design put together by outside graphic designer.

The pizza box set was limited to 50 and was sold out within days of its release.